The article is mainly about … which is defined in the passage as … .
The professor supports the theory in the reading passage by pointing out some good examples.

Firstly, the professor provides an example of … . This example clearly shows that … .
Second, … . He adds that … . This also supports the theory of …… in the reading.

The professor concludes by saying that … .

The text is mainly about … which the passage defines as … . The professor disagrees with the theory in the reading passage by stating his reasons.

The professor begins with stating that … .

According to the lecturer, another reason is that … .

Therefore, it can be concluded that the reading passage dramatically differs from the listening passage.

The general topic here is … . The reading passage lists three factors affecting the subject. The listening passage focuses on one of these factors which is … .

The lecturer points out that … and gives an example of …

The speaker also notes that … . He mentions a study conducted by … . This study shows that … .

It can be concluded that the listening passage enhances on what the reading passage states by focusing on … .

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